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Packaging Design

Effective packaging is more than just impressive design; it can bring profits and instant recognition amidst tight margins and fierce competition.

From blister packs to clamshells, Zen Design Group can develop and design cost-effective, visually stimulating packaging for any product, and then provide manufacturing solutions to meet your company's strategic objective and budget.

Hot Designs for Hot Products!
A Private Label Program for Sunmark

In developing a complete line of packaging for Sunmark's private-label heating pads, Zen Design Group utilized clean, concise copy and innovative photography. The economy of the packaging and its vibrant look guaranteed Sunmark retail space and customer attention.

Looking Good from Every Angle
Packaging Designs for HoMedics' Home Water Fountains

Already the principal designer of its packaging and corporate identity, HoMedics naturally chose Zen Design Group to develop an eye-catching packaging for its new line of home water fountains that would also correlate with its existing packaging.

Familiar with the fierce competition for retail space, our creative team designed the package to be displayed from all sides, allowing potential retailers maximum flexibility when fitting the product into its store plan-o-gram.

Let There Be Light!
Zen's Work for General Electric

Zen Design Group utilized a special rendering and injection molding to design a family of clamshells and blister packs for a line of General Electric flashlights. Once again, our economical design in both packaging and expense ensured retail space for the product and increased profits for our client.

Award-Winning Packaging Designs
Novelty Keychains for Rayovac

Packaging for a new line of Rayovac novelty LED keychains entailed not only the development and design of blister packs of varying shape and size, but also package copy and manufacturing.

Cellular Accessories for the Masses
Packaging for GE Sanyo

Using research provided by GE Sanyo's product design staff, Zen designed layouts and clamshells for hundreds of different products while maintaining the product-family theme and continuity.

One example of our extensive work is the re-sealable clamshells designed for the company's cellular accessories line.

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