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Graphic Design

Zen Design Group has created fantastic graphic designs for hundreds of clients, stimulating company sales while invigorating corporate image. Once your company's needs are determined, our creative team will flesh out a bold, tailored design guaranteed to secure your product's place at the top of the marketing chain.

Zen's Cosmic Creations
A Project for IQ Hong Kong

IQ Hong Kong presented Zen the challenge of creating a sales and marketing concept for its Cosmic Clips series of flashing novelty key chains.

Young girls its target market, Zen developed a story line centered around three young female characters Solar Susie, Misty Moon and Shooting Star who possessed magical powers provided to them by the mysterious Cosmic Queen.

According to the Zen-created legend, those magical powers would be transferred to anyone who owned a key chain — an idea irresistible to the target market. Zen also designed the packaging, handled the production and ensured product delivery nationwide.

GE Lightbulbs
An Innovative Private Label Program

  General Electric commissioned Zen to design the packaging of a private label program for its complete line of lightbulbs.

The packaging was also required to meet the criteria of hundreds of individual retailers, and from blister packs to boxes, Zen successfully secured GE's place on the shelves of retailers across the country.

Accentuating the Positive
Zen's Designs for Aphrodite

Elegance was the requested look for the launch of Aphrodite, the newest perfume from Kazelas Enterprises.

Playing on the name and the request Zen's design utilized a simple, stark background and embossed on it the image of the goddess of love, highlighted with subtle gold accents, producing a decidedly understated image.

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